Coarse Crushed Green Freekeh - 500g/17.6oz


Coarse Crushed Green Freekeh



Did you know that freekah used to be the traditional Palestinian go-to grain before rice was introduced in ottoman times?  This makes it a special food, whether having it in a soup or salad or cooking it like rice.  Like Olive Oil, Freekah is highly seasonal and only available to purchase once a year for two weeks in the spring.  Freekah is the young green wheat.  The wheat is cut and left to dry for one day in the field and then formed into piles.  These piles are set alight with fire while the farmers turn it with a pitchfork, resulting in a unique smoky flavour, it is then hulled and left to dry for two weeks before being packaged and sent to our customers.  

Perfect for Vegetarian and Vegan Diet.