Collection: Trees for Palestine

Trees for Palestine” is a critically important project to sustain Palestinian farmers by ensuring their steadfast presence on their land, enhancing their income, and protecting their land from illegal settlements. In 2024, under great hardship we initiated our mission by focusing our resources on four villages—Zeita, Al-Jdaideh, Asira, and Oreef in the West Bank. We successfully distributed 3,000 olive tree saplings to 150 farming families , including many headed by women.

This project goes beyond the simple act of planting trees; it represents planting hope, stability, and resilience in . Supporting “Trees for Palestine” means you are contributing to a larger cause: aiding farmers to secure their bond with the land, improving their family’s economic well-being, and preserve the environmental and cultural legacy of Palestine. You can join this vital mission by sponsoring your own olive trees.

Why your sponsorship is essential:

  • Preserve and maintain native Palestinian olive trees: Your sponsorship helps in preserving the native Palestinian olive varieties, Baladi “Nabali” and “Souri.” These trees are not just economic assets ; they are a core to Palestinian heritage and resilience.
  • Support traditional farming practices: We collaborate with farmers who possess the knowledge and expertise to nurture these olive trees using the best methods and practices. This preserves the olive trees and ensures the production of high quality olive oil while promoting sustainable farming practices. For instance, we have adopted the practice of planting only 20 tree saplings per dunam (about 1/4 acre) to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion: Our initiative extends to various farmers and cooperatives, including small-scale and women farmers across different Palestinian locations, ensuring broad impact and support for farmers in diverse areas. This strategy ensures the widespread benefits of our project throughout the West Bank.
  • Support local olive tree nurseries: We source our olive saplings directly from local Palestinian small olive tree nurseries. This not only ensures the quality of the saplings but also supports the local economy and maintains the authenticity of the olive varieties.

How you can make a difference:

  • Sponsorship: Your sponsorship enables the purchase of olive tree saplings which provide farmers with resources for sustainable agriculture. By sponsoring, you become a part of a movement aimed at ecological preservation and economic empowerment.
  • Spread the word: Awareness is key. Sharing this project and mission with your community, via social media or through personal conversations helps to amplify our impact and secure greater support for Palestinian farmers.

Joining “Trees for Palestine” program gives you a direct part in fostering a future rooted in the ancient olive groves of Palestine supporting life and livelihood. Your support makes possible the physical planting of trees and nurtures a sense of hope and resilience among Palestinian farmers and larger society. Together we make an enormous contribution to life and resilience in the face of daunting challenges. Please join this transformative journey.