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NEW IN: Nabulsi Palestinian Flag Kufiya (Made in Palestine)

NEW IN: Nabulsi Palestinian Flag Kufiya (Made in Palestine)

السعر $40.00 USD
السعر سعر الخصم $40.00 USD



Embrace Tradition with the Heritage Nablus Kufiya

Woven with Passion in the Heart of Nablus: Each of our kufiyas begins its journey in the historic first textile factory in Nablus, Palestine. Crafted with care and an eye for quality, this piece isn't just a scarf; it's a symbol of our rich history and dedication to craftsmanship.

A Story in Every Thread: Established in 1950 by Marwan Al-Nabulsi, known as Abu Bassam, The factory originally served the community by creating school uniforms and wool sweaters. Over time, the kufiya emerged as more than a garment—it became a symbol of resistance, pride, and a testament to the enduring spirit of the Palestinian people.

Artisanal Techniques, Timeless Elegance: Each kufiya is handwoven on antique looms, preserving the traditional methods that infuse our pieces with unique character. While the vintage looms add to the authenticity, they may also lead to the occasional loose thread. We recommend gently trimming these threads to maintain your scarf’s condition. Each piece is a testament to artisanal skill, with slight variations that make it truly your own.

Designed for Versatility: Our kufiyas are perfect for all-season wear. Whether draped over the shoulders or worn as a headscarf, the Heritage Nablusi Kufiya offers both warmth and style, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Carry a Piece of Heritage: Wearing our kufiya connects you with Palestine and the unwavering spirit of freedom. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a piece of history.

Good to know

‘We are Palestinian; we like to feed people’

We are a third generation family-run company passionate about bringing the best of Palestinian artisanal food to your dining table.  We believe in environmentally-friendly practices, organic farming and putting the famers and their glorious land at the heart of what we do.  The land is so critical to us that we names our company after it, with Al Ard meaning the land in Arabic.  We know that healthy food makes healthy bodies, and that is what we are about.  And just like our family, our company thrives on bringing together traditional knowledge and modern practices to provide you with nothing but the finest quality goods. 


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