Palestinian Large Box

Introducing our Palestinian Ramadan Large Box 🌙 A celebration of authentic flavors and traditions from Palestine. This special bundle is designed to enhance your Ramadan experience with a generous selection of premium ingredients. From the golden richness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the wholesome goodness of Freekeh and Maftool, each item embodies the essence of Palestinian cuisine. Elevate your meals with creamy Tahina, tangy Olive Pickles, and fiery Red Chili Pepper. Plus, indulge in a generous portion of our signature Cheese and Cucumber Pickles. As a symbol of unity and heritage, we're including an Al'Ard Black & White Kufiya for free. Don't miss out on this great offer to make your Ramadan truly special.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L Tin
Fine Freekeh 500 g
Coarse Freekeh 500 g
Maftool 450 g
2 x Tahina 1 lb pet
2 x Olive Pickles 2 lb (907g )
Red Chili Pepper 300g glass
Cheese 4 kg (US ONLY)
Cucumber pickles 3 kg
Al'Ard Black & White Kufiya (for free)