Palestinian Ramadan Small Box

Elevate your Ramadan celebrations with our Palestinian Ramadan Small Box. 🌙 This thoughtfully curated bundle brings together the finest Palestinian flavors to enrich your meals during this sacred month. From the golden richness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the hearty goodness of Freekeh, and the creamy texture of Tahina, each item is selected to add depth and authenticity to your dishes. Accompanied by tangy Olive Pickles and a generous portion of our signature Cheese, this box offers everything you need for a delicious Ramadan feast. Plus, receive an Al'Ard Black & White Kufiya as a special gift to add a touch of tradition to your gatherings. Embrace the spirit of Ramadan with our Palestinian Ramadan Small Box. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml
Freekeh 500 g
Tahina 1 lb pet
Olive Pickles 2 lb (907g )
Al'Ard Black & White Kufiya (for free)