Palestinian Medium Box

Introducing our Palestinian Ramadan Medium Box 🌙 designed to bring joy and flavor to your Ramadan celebrations. This carefully curated selection includes essential ingredients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Freekeh, Maftool, Tahina, Olive Pickles, Red Chili Pepper, and Cheese, offering everything you need for a delicious feast. As a token of appreciation, we're including an Al'Ard Black & White Kufiya for free. Elevate your gatherings with the warmth and tradition of Palestinian flavors.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L Tin
Freekeh 500 g
Maftool 450 g
Tahina 1.1 lb pet
Olive Pickles 2 lb (907g )
Red Chili Pepper 300g glass
Al'Ard Black & White Kufiya (for free)